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Ready for a change?

  • Fed up with the same old ideas and platitudes from management consultants?
  • Had it with all their ‘one-size-fits-all’, past their ‘sell-by-date’ solutions?
  • Ever been presented with one of their costly multi-page reports, that only tells you what you already knew - but then leaves you in the dark as to how to go about fixing things?
  • Ever been on the receiving end of advice from people who just proved that they do not understand your business?
  • Regardless of what has been tried before, do you feel that the organisation still does not function as well as it might?

We believe it’s time for a step-change!  Hopefully, you’ll be pleased to know that the Magus Toolbox methodology offers just that - something radically different, that works!

Unlike many others, we do not claim to know (up front) what your problems are.  We do know, however, how to tap into the collective knowledge that exists in your organisation, by working with your people to develop their capability to fix the problems from within.  Whether you are in the public or private sector, we do what we do quickly and cost-effectively.  Our exit strategy leaves your organisation more effective, as well as a better place to work, within the shortest possible time-frame.

Our design philosophy has been extensively researched, and is based in our core belief that all organisations are stuffed to the gunwales with latent talent, that is just waiting to be released.

What we help you achieve is to:

  • Develop the problem-resolution capacity of your organisation.
  • Develop innovative solutions to performance challenges - delivered against agreed business objectives.
  • Stimulate and facilitate change processes that really work, and that continue after the initial intervention.
  • Tackle problems big and small - even those intractable ‘Wicked’ problems by increasing genuine collaboration across functional and/or organisational boundaries

How do we do it

  • Before we do anything else, we very quickly apply our unique OrgScan© front end discovery process.  This has the effect of immediately boosting morale, as it ensures that our intervention links the issues that people are facing with the business priorities of the organisation.
  • Through the use of our ‘state of the art’ tools and methodologies we then provide your people with important and valid information, presented graphically, that describes the organisational realities.
  • Through our facilitated process, we provide a safe environment for your people to analyse the information, and help them identify both superficial and root causes.
  • But we don’t stop there.  We then go on to facilitate a process through which people identify and implement innovative developmental actions to resolve the problems.
  • From time to time, we discover there is a need to develop or hone people’s interactive skills; as well as their ability to solve problems; make valid, low-risk decisions; and negotiate win/win outcomes.  These are skills we develop where needed to help groups operate more effectively in tackling your organisational problems.
  • We do all this, and more, in an exciting, innovative and stimulating way.
  • Oh, and by the way - we don’t produce expensive, long reports - they are simply not needed.  We do, however, provide you with a prioritised summary of the issues together with the actions that are being taken to fix the problems.

If you would like your organisation to develop an enhanced capacity to solve its own problems, and your people to learn, develop and grow through the process, we can help.  If you are one of the new wave of managers who is disillusioned with conventional consulting models, and are seeking something different, that is our business.  If you are ready for such a change or would like to learn more, contact us.


For a short description of why we believe that we can, and how we do it, please click here or on the graphic to the left. 

To see how the idea works with our flagship product Magus Networker, please click here to visit the Networker page.

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